Yahoo!: Aww, Tiger, Ya Shouldnt Have But Thanks!

Who needs Michael Jackson when you’ve got Tiger Woods? That’s essentially the view of Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz, who spoke on Tuesday at an investment bank’s media conference.

“God bless Tiger,” Bartz said, according to the Wall Street Journal, when asked how the sex scandal of the world’s first billion-dollar athlete is affecting Yahoo!’s search traffic.

Apparently, Woods and his dalliances are fueling more reader interest than did Michael Jackson’s death – and that’s saying a lot. And when someone asked Bartz if the Woods affairs (the number of which seem to mushroom every darn day) will help Yahoo! meet its quarterly earnings projections, Bartz replied, “Oh, absolutely.”

We smell a higher stock price! Tiger might want to consider investing now that he’s lost part of his Gatorade contract – and who know what else he’s going to lose.

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