TCA Begins Work on Agent Certification

The Technology Channel Association (TCA), a nonprofit organization for the indirect sales channel, announced the formation of committees to begin work on a certified agent program and also member programs.

The Certified Agent Program committee will be chaired by Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO. Its first task is developing a code of ethics.

“Why a Code of Ethics? Because we are seeing that with this economic slide, there are a few too many shortcuts being taken that will have a ripple affect on agents as a whole,” Radizeski said.

When completed, a TCA certification program is hoped to provide agents with credentials and vendors with assurance that they are working with reputable agents.

“The whole idea is that to move to the next level of professionalism, we need to add some structure,” said Radizeski. “Some of the structure is a Code of Ethics, some of it is a professional association like TCA. We will add more structure with the Best Practices Guide that the Committee is currently working on. This is the foundation for a Certified Agent Program.”

The Membership Committee will be chaired by Mark Adams of Total Business Solutions Communication. Its goal is to help generate ideas for new member programs for review by the Board of Directors. Adams told PHONE+, one of the other tasks for the committee is to come up with hot topics for TCA forum calls and Webinars.

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