SoundBite Announces New Release of Engage Platform

SoundBite Communications Inc. (SDBT), a provider of on-demand, multichannel proactive customer communications, has announced the availability of a new release of its SoundBite Engage platform. The new release adds features that enable automated and agent-assisted interactive customer communications over the text messaging channel.

New text messaging features on SoundBite Engage enable an intelligent, interactive text messaging dialog with consumers. Features include the SoundBite Dialog Engine and the SoundBite Agent Text Portal.

Using enhanced keyword-search functionality, the Dialog Engine supports fully automated, interactive text messaging conversations that implement custom business logic. Messages are relevant and personalized to the mobile recipient. The Dialog Engine enables opt-in programs, alerts, self-service and automated issue resolution in real time. It can be used in a variety of mobile marketing, customer care, payment, and collections solutions.

Depending on business rules and message content, some text messages should be handled by a customer support agent. The Agent Text Portal allows agents to log in and view message history and interact with customers in real time via a Web user interface. Agents can engage in multiple text conversations simultaneously using predefined or free-form messages. SoundBite Engage can seamlessly transition between a fully automated and agent-assisted text messaging dialog. Supervisors can monitor agent activity as well as the overall campaign status.

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