Manly Droid Ads Take on Silly Female iPhone

Are you girly? Do you have a “BFF?” Are you into fashion? Then maybe that namby-pamby iPhone’s for you. But if you’re manly (insert chest-beating here), a guy’s guy, with a garage full of power tools, then you’ll want to consider the Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless instead.

At least, that’s what the latest round of Verizon ads seem to intimate, with rhetoric that could have been freshly ripped from promo spots on Spike TV.

Consider the somewhat ‘roided-out copy: “Droid. Should a phone be pretty? Should it be a tiara-wearing digitally clueless beauty pageant queen? Or should it be fast? Racehorse duct-taped to a Scud missile fast. We say the latter. So we built the phone that does. Does it rip through the Web like a circular saw through a ripe banana. Is it a precious porcelain figurine of a phone? In truth? No. It’s not a princess. It’s a robot. A phone that trades hair-do for can-do.”

While the spots don’t mention the iPhone by name, I think we all know which “digitally clueless beauty pageant queen” this testosterone-dripping spot is referring to. We’re just surprised there’s not a women drivers joke in there somewhere.

Add all that to the general workman-y, construction-y, non-sentimental, non-metrosexual feel of the Droid ads – there’s nothing touchy-feely or even very freshly washed about that robotic arm, people – and it’s clear Verizon is working very hard to y-chromosome-up the Droid image.

It could be a smart move on the part of Verizon to focus on the male demographic with the Droid. A recent YouGov Brand Index report found Motorola loyalty spiking among men ages 18 and up in mid-November, in the wake of the Droid launch.

Our completely speculative prediction for the first half of 2010: premium “Kim Kardashian-Kid Rock” edition, coming soon.

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