Palm Pre What You Dont Know But Wish You Did

The Palm Pre was released with much fanfare in the U.S. last June, but since then, it’s begun to get lost in the shuffle. The iPhone 3G S came out a couple of weeks later and the Motorola Droid launched last month, taking the Pre off of the front burner.

But the Pre hasn’t been on shelves as long in Britain, where it’s still a breath of fresh air. One Web site says there are a number of things you probably don’t know about the Pre, but should before making your smartphone-purchasing decision. “Top 10 mobile phones” lists 10 things you might not know.

They include one selling point, that flash support is supposed to be coming soon. Also, say you’re a mini-software developer. The Pre can run “homebrew” apps if you install Preware. A “jailbreak” of the handset isn’t necessary. In addition, the Pre automatically backs up your data in case you have problems and are forced to do a hard reset of the phone. Add the fact that it charges wirelessly and the webOS is “fantastic,” the Pre, the site says, is worth checking out.

You can check out the rest of their top 10 things you might know about the Pre by clicking here.


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