AT&T Tops Verizon An Informal Comparison

Verizon might be getting the better of AT&T in television commercials, but one new, informal comparison shows that AT&T stock might actually give you better bang for your buck.

The Web site Motley Fool pitted the two telco giants’ up against each other in five categories in order to determine which company might be the better buy if you’re interested in laying down some case for some stock. The categories include cheapness, operations, growth, CAPS rating (which it refers to as its community’s rating of the stock) and balance sheet.

The site gives the edge to AT&T in every category except CAPS rating, and even there, it’s almost a dead heat.

After the closing bell on Monday, AT&T shares sat at $27.96, up 1.34 percent for the day. Verizon was also up (1.68 percent) at 33.26.

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