Verizon Blows AT&T Away on Facebook

It’s been a rough month for AT&T, which has been slammed in the airwaves by Verizon for its 3G coverage. Now comes word that Verizon is also slaughtering its archrival on Facebook.

A new marketing campaign on the popular social networking site has helped Verizon collect more than 750,000 “fans,” while AT&T lags way behind, at just 30,000. Just last week, Verizon added 500,000 fans, and is on track to break the 1 million mark soon. Starbucks – at 5 million fans – and Coca-Cola – at 4 million – are Facebook’s top “fan” sites.

In addition to its barrage of commercials on television, Verizon has inundated Facebook users with online ads over the past week. The phone giant’s “fan” base grew by 150,000 on Monday alone.

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