XO Goes Up Market with SIP for Multilocation Enterprises

XO Communications Inc. announced Tuesday the addition of XO Enterprise SIP to its VoIP product line to serve multilocation businesses in more than 2,700 U.S. cities. The service is available directly from XO and through is indirect sales channel.

XO Enterprise SIP enables customers to deploy a centralized IP PBX in one or several primary locations and deliver VoIP services to other branch locations across their existing enterprise network or using the XO MPLS IP-VPN solution. This eliminates the need for local voice trunks, equipment and maintenance costs at each location and centralizes local calling capacity through a single SIP-based connection at one or more primary locations. XO Enterprise SIP also enables customers to customize the configuration of communications capacity across their entire network and provide each location on-demand access to unused trunk capacity from other locations when it is needed.

Eric Hyman, XO’s director of product marketing, said XO Enterprise SIP is the next logical iteration of the company’s services, moving the product up market to serve companies with hundreds of locations.

XO’s existing VoIP product line includes XO SIP, a single-site solution for companies with 50 to 500 employees; XO IP Flex and XO IP Flex with VPN, an integrated voice and data service targeted to companies with five to 200 employees; XO iPBX, a managed PBX with XO SIP or IP Flex for companies with 35 or more seats.

Hyman said XO Enterprise SIP is available for a monthly recurring charge calculated by the cost of the loop, port, number of simultaneous sessions required and a long-distance package. Customers can add other features, such as compression, redundancy, bursting and accounting codes, for an additional MRC.

Redundancy is a particular focus for the new product. When a single, large IP PBX provides for an entire 50,000 person organization, loss of PSTN connectivity can have a major impact on business operations.

Redundancy with XO Enterprise SIP is achieved in two ways, Hyman said. The first is if the customer has multiple PBXs, one can be the back up for the other, provided the port is large enough for all the traffic. The second option, alternate call routing, is for companies with a single PBX. It allows them to take DID and DOD traffic and route it to another number, such as a mobile phone.

Hyman added that since large enterprises commonly use multiple service providers as part of their business continuity strategy, XO also can serve as backup for calls normally routed to other service providers if provided the ANIs.

XO is not naming any customers for the new service, but Hyman said several enterprises have begun testing the service in the carrier’s enterprise lab. Those test, he added, helped XO to define the product.

To deliver the service, XO is using the Enterprise Trunking feature set of the BroadWorks VoIP application platform from BroadSoft Inc.. XO uses BroadWorks to support XO IP Flex and XO SIP integrated access service offerings targeted at the small and midsized business market.

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