AT&T to Inundate Viewers With Anti-Verizon Ads Tonight

AT&T Inc. (T) wants to make sure you see its new ads emphasizing the iPhone’s simultaneous Web browsing-call handling capabilities.

So, the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier plans to inundate the TV-watching masses tonight on Fox, ABC and CBS. Whether you’re watching “House,” Dancing With the Stars” or “How I Met Your Mother,” look for two new spots about the iPhone getting e-mails and checking movie times while on the phone, according to multiple reports.

AT&T is playing up one advantage it actually does have over Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) – a network that allows simultaneous voice and data connections.

This is AT&T’s punch back at Verizon for the “There’s A Map for That” and “Island of Misfit Toys” ads for which AT&T sued Verizon, and lost. Oh, and the answer is yes – Luke Wilson is back, baby. In brown corduroy and plaid. Mmmm, mmmmmm.

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