Palm Pre, Palm Pixi Prices Promptly Plunge

It was just last week that Wal-Mart and its partner,, announced they would be selling the brand-new Palm Pixi smartphone for $30, as long as you sign up for a two-year Sprint service plan of $70 or more.

That “always low” price has already been beaten. is selling the Pixi for just $25. The online retailer has also cut the price of the Palm Pre, which debuted only last summer for $199, to just $80. Again, two-year service agreements are required, which is pretty standard for these types of deals. If you get your phone through Sprint, the Pixi will set you back $100 and the Pre, $150.

The competition for your holiday buck among the iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry and the Motorola Droid is getting so heated, it seems some places might give them away for free before long.

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