Murdoch Mocked for Online Content Payment Plan

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, whose company owns Fox, MySpace, the New York Post, Boston Herald and more, is getting an earful from opponents who say his plans to charge for online content starting next year are bad for the Internet, and too late to be effective.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who is no stranger to a war of words with Murdoch, blasted the pay-for-content plan during an event in London. He said instead of being critical of Google News and other sites that aggregate content from other news sites, Murdoch, according to The Guardian, “should be looking at it as an opportunity to do something radically different and find out how to make a ton of money out of being radically open rather than some money by being ridiculously closed.”

If Murdoch goes ahead with plans, his company would develop a program that would not only charge for content, but also prevent sites like Google News from linking to it.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, also in attendance at the London event, echoed Stone’s sentiments, saying in essence, that this plan is like closing the barn door after all of the cows have left. Both men said that Internet news content should be free.

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