TANDBERG Intros Large-Scale Provisioning for Personal Video Conferencing

TANDBERG has introduced what it said is the industry’s first large-scale provisioning solution that allows enterprises to quickly and efficiently deploy TANDBERG E20 personal video conferencing phones and TANDBERG Movi PC video conferencing to thousands of employees in minutes. Utilizing new features for the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS), the scalable solution is designed to reduce the cost of ownership by eliminating the time involved in setting up individual devices across large or geographically dispersed organizations.

Traditional video phone deployments can require administrators to spend significant time and resources on planning and logistics, as well as an average of 30 minutes per device; multiply that by thousands, and businesses are faced with an immense resource burden that drives up IT costs substantially. Large-scale provisioning enables organizations of all sizes to deploy out of the box video conferencing solutions that can be provisioned rapidly and scaled based on enterprise need.

TANDBERG’s provisioning solution – made possible through a software upgrade to the TMS – can be deployed in three steps:

  1. Administrator configures policies for video users and imports new user addresses from Active Directory.
  2. Users receive an automated e-mail that includes username and password.
  3. Users plug in their video system, sign in and are ready to make a video call.

“To realize the maximum benefits of visual communications, telepresence and video conferencing systems need to be available not just in the meeting rooms, but also in everyone’s office and on everyone’s desk,” said Håkon Dahle, TANDBERG chief technologist. “Through our large-scale provisioning solution, TANDBERG is the first to provide the foundation for a massively scalable and easily deployable enterprise video communications infrastructure. We are delivering greater value for customers of all sizes and making it possible to build large video communities in an extremely efficient manner.”

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