Palm Pre Didnt Cut It? Pixi Called On to Save Company

It seems that just a few months ago we were hearing a lot of talk about the Pre being the phone that could return Palm to prominence in the device world.

But after mixed reviews that either proclaimed it the best thing since sliced bread or no match for the iPhone, most analysts don’t believe it’s made enough of a dent in the smartphone market to bring Palm back from relative obscurity. And with the new Motorola Droid and BlackBerry 9700 available for purchase this holiday season, the Pre might begin to fade from memory.

So in walks the Palm Pixi. Now some outlets are referring to it as Palm’s possible savior.

The Pixi could be attractive to developers. Another smartphone on the webOS will likely increase the audience for new applications, an area where Palm, BlackBerry and everyone else trail Apple’s iPhone by a mile.

The Pixi is less bulky than the Pre, but is generally considered to be a step sideways – at best – when compared to its predecessor. But it wasn’t supposed to be as chock-full of goodness as its older cousin. That’s a big reason why the price is so friendly. Ninety-nine bucks is about the most you’ll pay for it anywhere, with some sites offering it for much less.

Palm stock got a boost last week when old rumors about a takeover attempt by Nokia resurfaced. As of Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET, shares were trading at $12.32.


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