Tandberg Enables Flash Video Streaming

Video conferencing specialist Tandberg is enabling live and on-demand streaming of Flash-based and multi-protocol multimedia to desktop and mobile users, thanks to a technology partnership with Wowza Media.

By integrating the controls for Wowza Media Server software into the Tandberg Content Server (TCS), Tandberg can now enable Flash streaming of live and on-demand telepresence and video conference calls and multimedia presentations.

According to recent industry reports, one of the few technologies thriving in the current economic environment is video conferencing, which is expected to grow 15 percent in the next five years as businesses continue to look at ways to reduce expenses like travel and drive efficiencies.

“Wowza Media Server offers a very strong platform for Flash streaming. We opted to embed it in the Tandberg Content Server to allow customers to use our standards-based telepresence and video conferencing systems to capture and distribute content in the Flash format, both live and on demand,” said Håkon Dahle, Tandberg chief technologist. “We are also very excited about Wowza’s upcoming multi-protocol, multi-client streaming to any device, which will present even greater value for our customers.”

Wowza Media Server, currently deployed by over 30,000 licensees globally, is a high-performance, extensible and fully interactive Flash media server for live and on-demand streaming, chat, and recording. The upcoming Wowza Media Server 2 Advanced extends this proven platform beyond Flash with multi-protocol streaming to the iPhone/iPod Touch and other mobile devices, the Silverlight player, QuickTime, and IPTV set-top boxes.

“If a company is serious about video, if they are using video to communicate, it is now possible to have a complete strategy that covers video connectivity to nearly any device,” said Dave Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder, Wowza Media Systems. “Together Tandberg and Wowza have created a solution that not only simplifies the overall video delivery workflow, but future proofs the video distribution in the enterprise.”

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