Samsung Offers 3G CDMA Femtocell

Samsung Telecommunications America will launch a new femtocell, the 3G Ubicell Personal CDMA Base Station, in 2010.

The Ubicell is meant to be offered via carriers for use in home or small office environments. The small plug-and-play base station boosts indoor cellular service by plugging into an existing broadband connection. The result is that carriers have a way to offload increasing 3G traffic from the macro network while bolstering cellular quality inside and paving the way for new bundled service packages.

Samsung is also positioning the femto as a way to encourage users to ditch their landlines. “The 3G UbiCell enables our customers to quickly provide the complete home experience with guaranteed full wireless services, plus the integrated home services, to give a rich offering of converged services,” said Nivi Thadasina, director of product development at Samsung Mobile, in a statement.

The 1-pound box can support up to eight simultaneous users.

Carrier partners, pricing and exact launch date have not been determined.

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