Almost Giving Away Smartphones Palm Pixi for $30

The little cousin to the Palm Pre, known as the Pixi, makes its debut this weekend. Most places, the smartphone will set you back $100, but we found one place where they’re almost giving it away. will give you the phone for just 30 clams on pre-order. What’s the catch, you’re asking? You have to be a new Sprint customer and sign a two-year service deal. And that deal must be for a plan of $69.99 or more. Still, the thought of a smartphone for the price of a night out for two at Applebee’s might be appealing to some.

LetsTalk is also a partner with Wal-Mart, so you’re expected to be able to get the price at the discount giant as well.

With the Pixi, you’re not quite getting what the Pre has to offer. It has a smaller touchscreen with lower resolution, but it will run on Palm’s webOS, which allows you to multitask. E-mail, Web browsing, Bluetooth and a multimedia player are all available. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

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