AT&T-Verizon-Compatible iPhone in the Works?

Despite some naysayers out there, Verizon has said publicly on more than one occasion that it will be getting the iPhone early next year when AT&T’s exclusive contract runs out – assuming that contract isn’t extended. Now there’s more speculation that an Apple-Verizon team-up is likely to happen.

At least three sources are reporting that Apple is creating an iPhone that would be compatible with both AT&T and Verizon networks. Network incompatibility and the exclusive contract with AT&T have really been the only major obstacles standing in the way of a Verizon-Apple partnership.

One source says that the new iPhone would use a Qualcomm hybrid chip that would be good on both networks. Another source claims a new research note has emerged, saying Apple will release a phone that could operate on Verizon’s network by next summer.

So if you think you see a lot of iPhones out there now, you’ll likely see a lot more if a deal between the telco giant and the computer giant can be reached.

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