Droid Takes on BlackBerrys Business Customer Base

It’s arrived. The Motorola Droid smartphone from Verizon Wireless makes its debut today. And despite all of the hyped-up TV commercials that make it look like the next fun, must-have electronic device, Verizon hopes it will serve as competition for BlackBerry in the business world as well.

Long the choice of business users, BlackBerry has started to see its market share shrink. The Droid, which is getting even more attention now that AT&T is suing Verizon for its new advertising campaign, might be the BlackBerry’s biggest competition yet.

The majority of so-called experts have compared the new Droid to Apple’s iPhone, but at least one analyst believes some BlackBerry users will ditch their old steadies for the new Motorola phone. Greg Sterling of Sterling Market Research told that he expects a lot of business users to start examining their smartphone options a little more closely now that the Droid is on the scene. Sterling believes both Apple and BlackBerry will take a hit. He says people who have those phones might begin to consider the Droid’s features and the Verizon network as a reason to make the switch – something they haven’t had enough reason to do before.

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