Ericsson CTO To Lead Silicon Valley Operations

Ericsson wants to show it’s serious about driving the convergence of fixed, mobile and Internet. The company’s CEO announced a big step toward that goal today, appointing CTO Håkan Eriksson to head Ericsson in Silicon Valley. That’s the center of the company’s IP business.

Over the past few years Ericsson has strengthened its position in IP and broadband by acquiring leading IP companies headquartered in Silicon Valley. Håkan Eriksson will succeed Bert Nordberg, newly appointed president of Sony Ericsson, who has headed the integration of these companies.

Eriksson will keep his current role as chief technology officer) and head of Group Function Technology & Portfolio Management, and will remain as member of the Group Management team. Eriksson will be based in San Jose, Calif., taking on the new position on Jan. 1, 2010.

“We will continue to drive the convergence of fixed, mobile and internet from Silicon Valley and to focus on strengthened partnerships in the areas of both hardware and software, Internet applications as well as in the PC industry,” Håkan Eriksson said.

Eriksson joined Ericsson in 1986, representing the company as a technical expert in GSM standardization work and he has held a number of senior positions in the research and development field for Ericsson in Sweden and internationally.

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