PNG Launches SIP Lines Service

PowerNet Global announced it has launched SIP Lines á la carte, enabling any size business to benefit from the feature-rich advancements and savings associated with SIP services.

The new SIP Lines service provides local dial tone/voice lines via IP. Since the lines are available individually, the service is customizable to accommodate any size business. This flexibility means that businesses will never have to pay for more than they need and increasing lines to accommodate growing business is as simple as making a phone call.

To compliment this newest addition to PowerNet Global’s SIP offering, product development teams have also enhanced PNG’s VersaTrunk SIP Trunking service with an expanded footprint and improved pricing.

Additionally, when agents sell two- and three-year terms of this new SIP Lines service, they’re eligible to receive a bonus of up to two times one month’s total charge for qualified SIP Line MRCs. This promo is valid through the end of 2009.

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