Palm Pre, iPhone, Droid: Which Reigns Supreme?

With the Motorola Droid ready to debut on the Verizon Wireless network, the smartphone wars might be ready to explode even beyond what we saw with the release of the Palm Pre and the iPhone 3G S this past summer.

The hype surrounding the Droid might make some smartphone users take a new look at their own devices, or help novices enter the world of smartphones for the first time.

iPhoneHeat broke down the trio into a compare/contrast chart, and despite its name, didn’t skew the results to favor the iPhone.

The site’s comprehensive chart compares the 3G S, the Pre and the Droid in 15 categories, from storage capacity to camera to price. Among the most important differences, it found:

  • Storage Capacity: Droid & 3GS: 16GB; Pre 8GB
  • Battery Life: The Droid has longer talk time, while the 3GS and Pre last longer on standby.
  • Camera: The Droid has a 5-megapixel; the iPhone and Pre have only a 3-megapixel. Both the Droid and the new iPhone record video, while the iPhone also supports video editing.
  • Voice Commands: The Pre doesn’t support them, while the other two do.
  • App Catalog: The iPhone is dominant, with about 100,000.
  • Price: The Pre is the least expensive, with the cheapest average usage plan.

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