Comcast, NBC Universal Could Seal Deal This Week

The Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) acquisition of 51 percent of NBC Universal, one of the companies that controls Internet TV site Hulu, could come sometime this week, according to reports.

Whether or not the cable giant pulls off the rumored $4 billion-$6 billion deal, Hulu will start charging for certain content next year.

The Comcast-NBC Universal merger has been discussed for several weeks as Comcast looks for ways to beat its rivals in the race to monetize online video. Consider that even the gurus at Google Inc. have yet to figure out how to make YouTube profitable (although they insist they are close to doing so).

The holdup to a Comcast-NBC U transaction now depends on Vivendi, the French conglomerate that owns 20 percent of NBC Universal. General Electric, owner of NBC, would retain 49 percent ownership in NBC Universal if the deal goes through.

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