Palm Pre Beats iPhone? 10 Reasons Why

The Palm Pre and the iPhone 3G S have been battling out for supremacy in the U.S. for several months now, with the iPhone getting the upper hand in most polls, and of course, in the more important category of sales.

But mobile users in the U.K. haven’t had as much time with both phones on the market, and the debate there is really heating up. A mobile phone site across the pond, Top 10 Mobile Phones, has come up with 10 reasons why the Pre is the better device.

Among their reasons, in no particular order, is a better camera, since the Pre has a flash. The site also likes the Touchstone docking station offered with the Pre, as well as the ease of removing the battery. And despite the Apple store’s bazillion apps, a large percentage, the site says, are “dreadful.” It fell just short of calling them “bloody awful.” The Pre app catalog just hit 300 apps this week, but they are supposedly of higher quality.

Top 10 also likes the lower price of the Pre and the fact that you’ll look more cool with a device that hasn’t saturated the market like the iPhone has, or will, when it branches out to more than one carrier in the U.K. in the coming months.

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