Verizon Jabs at AT&T for Network Problems

AT&T, a long-suffering target of criticism in the blogosphere for network-related problems, is now taking some not-so-subtle jabs from its top competitor, Verizon.

Verizon announced this week a competitor to the popular Apple iPhone. The DROID smartphone will run on Android technology. In doing so, a Verizon rep pointed out that he doesn’t expect there to be any negative effects on the phone giant’s network. That’s obviously pointing to the service-related issues that AT&T has blamed on the glut of data being transmitted via iPhones using its network.

But a report earlier this week blamed configuration issues, rather than too much data, for AT&T’s issues. It even prompted AT&T’s marketing team to write a letter to IntoMobile, trying to rebut the criticism, according to the blog’s author.

“We believe that recent online speculation regarding AT&T wireless network configuration settings is without foundation,” wrote the AT&T rep.

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