Hulu: Yes, Itll Cost, But Not The Way You Think

Contrary to the frenzied reports this week, Hulu, the NBC/Fox/Disney-owned Web TV site, will not charge for all of its content.

That’s according to a long-time tech journalist. Peter Kafka points out that while Hulu is trying to devise a premium-pay tier, it will keep streaming first-run shows such as The Office, some cable TV shows and some movies for free. It’s the content Hulu doesn’t yet offer that will incur a fee, Kafka says.

Kafka says he’s puzzled over why comments from a News Corp. (Fox’s parent) executive “got folks worked up” this week. Hulu will maintain its “catch-up viewing” role, he says, and a pay component will “mollify those who fear the site is cannibalizing their existing businesses.”

All in all, as long as we can continue to watch Michael Scott’s antics for free, we’re cool.

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