New BlackBerry Bold A Non-Story

RIM has officially announced the BlackBerry Bold 2, which goes on sale sometime in the next couple of months. Upgrades to the original Bold include a better camera, Wi-Fi capabilities with T-Mobile (AT&T is the phone’s other carrier) and a stronger processor.

It’s already drawing a mixed bag of reviews. One calls it “almost a non-story” for the smartphone market, unless you’re a BlackBerry lover, simply because it’s not as innovative as many of the other phones that have been released this year. The PC World review says the new Bold’s most innovative feature is an optical trackpad. If you are a T-Mobile customer, it’s a little more exciting because it’s the carrier’s first BlackBerry device that is 3G-capable and the first to support seamless Wi-Fi calling. But beyond that, the review says the Bold 2 “adds little to the smartphone mix.”

Engadget has a more positive take, weighing the new phone more against its predecessor, calling it a “perfect – if not extremely conservative – successor to the first-generation Bold.” The network speed and interface both get props in the review.

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