Spracht Introduces Aura SoHo Speaker Phone

Spracht has announced the second product in the Spracht product line, the Aura SoHo. The Aura SoHo is a full duplex conference speaker phone, which utilizes a Sound Clear Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip for digital or analog phone systems.

The Aura SoHo is compatible with virtually all phone systems, analog ready, and features multiline and digital PBX system compatibility (with an optional digital adapter). The accessory bay plug-in options include Bluetooth Module, PBX for digital phone systems and wireless connectivity. The SoHo’s interchangeable modules facilitate multiple connectivity options with just one device.

Echo and noise cancellation is provided by the patented Digital Signal Processing technology, which allows full duplex operation for simultaneous two-way conversations without clipping. The speaker features a five-watt output to fill large home offices or conference rooms, and automatic room acoustic profiling adjusts to a specific room. The SoHo features three built-in microphones, which provide 360-degree coverage for a 20’ x 20’ room, and one optional external microphone for use in larger conference rooms. The SoHo also features a ConferenceNow one-touch conference button and convenient controls with built-in keypad and redial button.

The Aura SoHo retails for $249.99 and is compatible with Skype, Windows Messenger and all other VoIP applications.

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