Is Twitter Craze Subsiding?

Is the Twitter craze leveling out into something sane and sustainable?

Research firm comScore says traffic to the micro-blogging site has remained essentially flat for the past two months, staying just below the high point of 21 million unique U.S. visitors. That peak was reached in July.

If the peoples’ love for Twitter really is cooling off – say, from infatuation to indifferent acceptance – then projected sales of $1.54 billion in 2013 could be a tad optimistic. The number was taken from internal Twitter documents; the company also has been expecting 1 billion users by 2013.

If neither of those amounts comes to fruition, you can bet Twitter’s $1 billion valuation is in jeopardy, too. But lowering that $1 billion, given that Twitter has no actual model for financial growth, doesn’t seem so nutty to us.

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