T-Mobile Gets Lucky: Most Sidekick Data Recovered

T-Mobile USA caught a break in the Sidekick data vaporization debacle on Thursday, thanks to Microsoft Corp. being able to recover “most” of the information lost in a server meltdown over the weekend.

Sidekick users were treated to the loss of their e-mails, text messages, contacts, calendars, photos and more. The information is hosted in the cloud by Microsoft subsidiary Danger, which appeared to be living up to its name until today.

“On behalf of Microsoft, I want to apologize for the recent problems with the Sidekick service,” said Roz Ho, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of “Premium Mobile Experiences,” in a posting today on the Microsoft Web site. “We are pleased to report that we have recovered most, if not all, customer data for those Sidekick customers whose data was affected by the recent outage.” Ho noted the outage is believed to have affected only a minority of Sidekick users.

Without naming a specific timeline, Ho said Microsoft was validating the data and would begin restoring data “as soon as possible,” starting with personal contacts, and then moving on to calendars, notes, tasks, photographs and high scores.

The outage was caused by a system failure that created data loss in the core database and the back-up. “We rebuilt the system component by component, recovering data along the way,” said Ho. “This careful process has taken a significant amount of time, but was necessary to preserve the integrity of the data.”

Microsoft and T-Mobile plan to post the next update on data restoration timing no later than Saturday.

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