VoicePulse Expands Competitive Upgrade Offer

VoicePulse Inc. has announced that AT&T ‘s CallVantage customers who sign up for the VoicePulse Local Unlimited calling plan will now be eligible for the VoicePulse Competitive Upgrade program. CallVantage customers who participate will receive one free month of service with the Local Unlimited plan, while customers with the America Unlimited plan will receive two months of service for free.

In a recent letter from AT&T CallVantage, customers were given October 20th as the date for when service would be discontinued. To ensure proper number portability, VoicePulse suggests beginning the porting process 30 days in advance. VoicePulse urges customers who are looking to port their CallVantage phone number to VoicePulse to act as quickly as possible.

VoicePulse says it will continue its existing CallVantage promotion for as long as necessary. The company touts:

  • Up to $50 in service credit with the America Unlimited Plan
  • Local number portability at no cost for customers who want to keep their number
  • Over 25 basic and advanced features such as Telemarketer Block and Anonymous Call Block at no additional cost
  • Unlimited call plans starting at $14.99.

A high-speed internet connection and a touch-tone telephone are the only requirements for VoicePulse’s home and business broadband phone service.

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