Not Tonight, Honey, I Have a Phone Call

No wonder America is practically, er, on top of the technology world: We’d rather have our communications devices than sex.

That is, if Boston and Chicago represent the rest of the nation.

Samsung Mobile recently commissioned an online survey of 300 residents per city to find out how many would give up hanky-panky if that meant keeping their cell phones. Overall, one-third of respondents said their devices bring them more pleasure than the horizontal mamba.

Well, OK, they didn’t quite put it that way, but they did say they’d rather forgo sex for a year than live without their mobile phones (so we say, same difference, really).

And more women than men were inclined to have headaches for those same 365 days so as to keep their mobile devices on their nightstands. Surely Madonna, America’s controversial sex goddess, would be proud. (Remember her claims that she slept with her BlackBerry under her pillow and expensive cream on her face while married to Guy Ritchie? It seems fair to say Madonna would have fallen into that one-third group.)

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