Genachowski to CTIA: We Want You to Be Engaged

The FCC’s new chairman, Julius Genachowski, took the stage at the CTIA-The Wireless Association show on Wednesday, in his first major appearance as head of the communications and media agency.

The key issues to come to the fore included spectrum and net neutrality.

Genachowski said he intends to make more spectrum available to wireless operators. He also said he plans to keep the wireless Internet open, referring to his recent pronouncement that he will regulate net neutrality.

“When we say that we haven’t determined what we are going to do with handset exclusivity and we want your input, we mean it,” Genachowski said, according to CNET News. “The same applies to an open Internet. We want you to be engaged. We need you to be engaged. I am committed to running an expert agency that works for all Americans, that pursues high principles while recognizing the danger of dogma and the power of pragmatism.”

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