ANI Networks Benefits From New Offerings, Personnel

ANI Networks is reporting that recent restructuring at the company is paying off. In conjunction with the addition of Denise McCue as CEO, ANI has promoted Randy Lemmo to COO, Andy Melton to vice president of Network Engineering, and Shane McFarland as vice president of Wireless Sales. The recent organizational changes have provided a solid foundation and allowed ANI to experience its strongest growth and return to date during the month of September, the company said.

ANI also recently added carrier transcoding services to its SIP peering facilities. These enhancements give the company increased flexibility in supporting mixed signaling environments and extend interoperability among switching platforms.

Additionally, ANI has expanded the product set to provide more value-added services to its wholesale partners.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results we’ve managed to obtain over the past six months,” said McCue. “We’re excited for the rollout of ANI’s new products and services and we look forward to providing the same consistent level of support to all of our partner customers.”

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