snom Teams With Jazinga for SMB VoIP

snom Technology AG announced it has teamed with Jazinga Inc., maker of an Asterisk-based blended IP PBX and router for small businesses.

Through the pairing, businesses can now use snom’s portfolio of VoIP phones in concert with Jazinga’s all-in-one MGA120 appliance to ease deployment of VoIP systems and reduce IP telephony costs in the SMB. The interoperability between snom’s suite of SIP-based business phones and Jazinga’s MGA120 IP PBX appliance creates a fully integrated end-to-end IP- based phone system for small businesses that blends robust enterprise-class IP PBX and networking features at a dramatically lower price point than alternative solutions, said the company.

Jazinga’s MGA120 IP PBX router is an Asterisk-based VoIP phone system that allows small businesses with up to 20 employees to take advantage of features like wireless networking, WAN connectivity, LAN services, dynamic DNS, e-mail and fax. The Jazinga appliance costs a fraction of other enterprise-grade systems and can be set up in less than 10 minutes via a do-it- yourself set of setup wizards. Additional telephone features offered by Jazinga include an auto-attendant, voice mail, conferencing, call forwarding, unified voice mail-to-e-mail, on-hold music and more. Jazinga also incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) and firewall capabilities.

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