Report: Best Buy Gets Slew of New BlackBerrys Soon

It could be quite the holiday season of choice for BlackBerry lovers if a supposedly leaked Best Buy company screen shot is to be taken as gospel.

There’s been speculation in the last couple of weeks that the new Storm 2 is to be released Oct. 25 or shortly thereafter. But that’s only part of the story. Now comes word from the Boy Genius Report that BlackBerry might be ready to release a whole bunch of new phones to Best Buy stores by the end of the month.

The phones are not listed by name on the screen, but the report speculates that, in addition to the Storm 2, they could be the Curve 2, the 9700, the 8520 in white and the Bold in white.

The report also quotes what it calls Best Buy’s “leaked Holiday Playbook,” saying Oct. 25 is a “key date for handsets entering our assortment.” The screen shot has that date next to all of the phones on the list, but all of those handsets available on one day, or even one week? Seems a bit premature – not to mention unlikely.

The report says pricing for all of the devices will range from $249 to $599.

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