T-Mobiles Wi-Fi for Business Targets BlackBerry Users

T-Mobile is enabling some BlackBerry users on its network to make unlimited calls on Wi-Fi networks. It’s part of the telco’s push for more of a stake in the enterprise market.

The plan, called “Wi-Fi Calling with MobileOffice,” is similar to the Hotspot@Home service, but in this case allows business users to save cell minutes by calling over Wi-Fi networks, no matter their location. T-Mobile says the service is good enough to enable some businesses to get rid of their landlines because calls can be switched from Wi-Fi to cellular networks instantly.

Pricing varies. T-Mobile said business with more than 100 T-Mobile voice and data lines will get free unlimited Wi-Fi calling on BlackBerrys. BlackBerry parent Research in Motion created the technology to make this all possible.

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