AT&T A-List Plan Shuns Certain iPhone Users

AT&T Inc. finally got on the unlimited-calling-to-anyone bandwagon with its A-List package, but it left out a key group of customers from qualifying: iPhone users on the $39.99 monthly voice plan.

AT&T requires A-List subscribers to sign up for the $59.99 monthly voice plan, at a minimum. But the people paying for the $39.99 service still are footing another $30 for data access. Will an additional $20 be a small enough increment to convince them to change their contracts?

Not only that, but as one blogger points out, a number of iPhone fanatics are on the $39.99 monthly plan which, after data and texting, taxes and fees, amounts to nearly $90 per month. Crossing that triple-digit threshold could prove a psychological barrier.

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