Motorola Android-Based CLIQ Pricing Revealed

T-Mobile USA has announced official details on pricing and the availability date for the Motorola CLIQ, the carrier’s third Google Android-based smartphone.

The CLIQ will show up in stores beginning Nov. 2 for $199.99 with a two-year contract and qualifying voice and data plan. Presales will start on Oct. 19 and run through Nov. 1.

The pricing is in line with other Android devices on the market.

This is Motorola’s first Google Android smartphone. The touchscreen CLIQ, which has a slide-out, physical QWERTY keyboard for easy texting, is also the first device to come with MOTOBLUR, which is the vendor’s all-in-one service for consolidating and synching social networking information. It brings together – in one app – Facebook and MySpace status updates, e-mail, Tweets, photos, messages, Yahoo! Mail, Flickr and just about anything else one could think of. It’s also possible to link your friends’ information to a person’s Caller ID, so it’s easier to keep up with their updates as well.

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