Westcon Announces Secure Supply Chain Services

Westcon Group Inc. announced it is offering Secure Supply Chain services to resellers and integrators serving the public sector and government markets. These custom services can be applied to government orders going through Comstor’s GSA schedule, as well as to a range of other public sector deployments.

Westcon Group is able to offer the following Secure Supply Chain services to its public sector/government-oriented resellers:

  • Trade Agreement Act (TAA) confirmation and verification: Westcon can work directly with manufacturers to provide customers with verifications that products comply with Trade Agreement Act requirements.
  • Blind Supply Chain Delivery: This ensures that the end destination of equipment is “blind” to all elements of the supply chain until final delivery.
  • Secure Delivery Handling: Westcon can handle custom transportation and handling of items that need to be delivered at certain times and under specific conditions, using pre-approved, pre-screened delivery services.
  • Unique Identification Compliance (UID): Westcon can assist customers with UID tagging services. A frequent requirement for DOD (Department of Defense) contracts and other agencies, UID is a tagging methodology that enables government agencies to track goods anywhere in the world.

“We are making it easier for our customers – both large and small – to sell to the public sector in a compliant and secure fashion,” said Bernie Kelley, vice president, operations, Westcon Group North America. “When you look at our Secure Delivery Services in combination with Comstor’s GSA schedule offering, it represents a tremendous opportunity to resellers.”

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