Access One Adds SIP Option to Dyversaband

Access One Inc. is launching the SIP version of Dyversaband, a VoIP-based integrated service, through the Access One direct and indirect sales channels.

SIP Dyversaband merges IP and PSTN transport technologies to allow Chicago-area businesses the ability to pass voice, data, and multimedia applications across the same circuit. Not only does the SIP Dyversaband offering result in more effective use of voice and data bandwidth, businesses also have the flexibility of growing their application services proportionally to 3MB, 4.5MB and even 6MB of bandwidth.

Dyversaband is exclusively available in Chicago, Ill. LATA 358, and interfaces with most IP-enabled PBX platforms. Common applications include multisite connectivity, video conferencing, Web conferencing, instant messaging and IP faxing.

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