Broadband for America Coalition Grows to 100 Members

The Broadband for America Coalition announced this week that it has accumulated 100 members over the past three months. The range from independent consumer advocacy groups, to content and application providers, to the companies which build and maintain the Internet. Together these organizations represent the hundreds of millions of Americans who are literally connected through broadband. The new alliance says it is uniquely focused on getting broadband Internet access to every household and business in the nation.

BfA encourages continued private sector investment and competition to make broadband faster, smarter, safer, and ever more valuable to users. The coalition says the need to expand broadband Internet to all of the nation’s homes and businesses and to get all Americans connected is crucial to America’s economic success.

The group’s complete membership is available here.

The major thrust of the group’s effort is to find ways for the private, nonprofit, and governmental sectors to work as a coordinated team leading the development and implementation of a national broadband strategy. The group is launching a new advertisement campaign introducing Broadband for America. Two 30-second spots will run in the Washington, D.C. media market and can be viewed here.

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