Verizon Wireless Drops Palm Pre Like A Bad Date

In May, Verizon Wireless (VZ) wanted the Palm Pre.

And Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) said, back off, Verizon, it’s ours through the end of the year. So Verizon scheduled the arrival of the Pre for its company for January.

Today, however, TheStreet reports exclusively that Verizon Wireless is backing away from the Palm Pre like it’s a blind date with leprosy and Ebola.

A Palm rep told TheStreet the company has never named Verizon as a partner.

So what would account for the Verizon Wireless change of heart? Well, consider how poorly Palm Pre sales have fared at Sprint (less than 1 million sold, reportedly); also consider that Verizon is said to have wanted its app store on the Pre. Palm has its own app store and understandably would not want to compete with its carrier customer.

Meanwhile, Palm announced today it will debut the Pre in the U.K. next month.

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