NBS Upgrades VoICE Manager Web Portal

N.J.-based NBS has announced the availability of an upgraded version of its VoICE Manager administrative portal for inbound call center clients. This new upgraded version is being released with improvements that make it even easier to use and that give clients even more resources and information to help dictate the direction of their inbound communications, according to the company.

Revisions to all five tools included in the portal have been implemented, including upgrades to the VoICE Manager Console (VMC), Call Flow Manager (CFM), Queue Manager, Sound Manager and CDR Tool. Together as part of the VoICE Manager administrative portal, they offer advanced call handling, routing, call recording and reporting functionality.

Enhancements to the VoICE Manager include quick access and navigation to the full range of management tools within the system (CDRs, Queues, Sounds, Call Flows, VMC, Hunt Groups, etc.). There is also more detailed agent and queue information available in the Queue Manager, which gives queue reporting details and statistics. Queue Manager allows users to see which agents are logged into or assigned to a queue, and gives users the ability to pull up detailed pages on each agent and/or to log them out entirely.

When viewing CDRs, customers can specify a time range and then narrow their search down to the minute. CDRs are processed faster and more efficiently. Within Call Flow Manager, a full featured call routing design tool, there are fast and easy outline-tree based instructions. The user now knows what each item in the outline does without opening its properties. The ability to hover over an item, to see its relevant menu options, has been added. Revealing all items and sub-items in this manner will help users avoid problems by giving them the knowledge to configure their call flow properly. There are also new “Add” buttons to help design Call Flows faster and easier.

The Sound Manager has also been improved to enhance and simplify the sound recording management process. The VoICE Manager Console has added dynamic extension filtering and an improved user interface (UI). It allows users to see which phones are currently in a call, and to filter this information by name and other criteria. The VMC performs better and responds quicker with real-time updates. It is easier to use and more reliable than ever.

NBS will be available to discuss further the details of this new version of the VoICE Manager, as well as all its other telecom products and services, at the Channel Partners show.

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