AT&T Hammered Over News of More Layoffs

AT&T Inc. (T) says it will lay off 2,500 more workers and the backlash is not pretty.

Of those 2,500 cuts, 75 are slated for Connecticut. That state’s attorney general isn’t taking the news well.

“AT&T has reached new heights of arrogance – dropping workers, deteriorating service and disregarding a Department of Public Utility Control ruling that it has failed to meet service standards,” Richard Blumenthal said in a prepared statement.

The axed jobs are supposed to come among engineers and technicians who maintain network services, raising questions about the quality of service AT&T will be able to provide.

Disgruntled workers rallied today in Connecticut; they were joined by representatives from the Communications Workers of America union.

“When does the greed end? We are talking about workers here. AT&T is lowering the bar on job stability along with customer service in Connecticut,” said Bill Henderson, president of CWQ Local 1298, according to a local TV station.

AT&T already has laid off about 1,000 people in the Constitution State.


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