US Signal Expands in Ohio

US Signal has announced the significant expansion of its long-haul fiber network in Ohio. This expansion adds 1,000 miles of long-haul fiber to the US Signal network, the largest in the Midwest. The addition of this long-haul fiber will be complimented with the lighting of metro rings in the major metropolitan areas of Ohio in 2010.

This is the second Ohio expansion in just six months for US Signal. In addition to new colocation facilities and POPs (Points of Presence), US Signal is also adding 4 new data centers to meet the increasing demand for data storage and backup.

The new collocation facilities are in Cleveland (CLEVOH62), Cincinnati (CNCNOHWS), Columbus (CLMBOH11) and Dayton (DYTNOH22). The data centers are in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland (two).

US Signal’s network includes more than 6,000 route miles of long-haul fiber and over 700 miles of fiber optic metro rings in 21 markets connecting markets in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio. The US Signal network provides on-off ramps comprised of major carrier hotel locations and incumbent telephone company central offices.

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