Uncovering Hidden Charges at Channel Partners Conference

Among the many significant discussions at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo this week in South Beach, Fla., BillSoft Tax Research Director, Sandra Thomas, will lend her voice to the topic of hidden charges.

On Thursday, Thomas will co-present a session called, “Hidden Charges: What Are They and What Can You Do About It?”during the general session.

The session covers potential tax implications when providing quotes and opportunities to compare how taxes are presented on different service providers’ bills.

Hidden charges often increase a customers overall bill, jacking up the rate per minute and cutting into a salesperson’s commissions. To make sure they and their customers aren’t getting taken, it is important to understand a few key components of your customer’s bill. This session shows how to do a quick side-by side invoice comparison so you can determine which telecom providers are offering the best deal.

Thomas will join Sarah Linares, vice president and director of product development and revenue assurance, TMC Communications; Bill Leutzinger, president of TelecomMedic; and Ralph Widmar, CEO of Network Intelligence Inc.

BillSoft specializes in enhancing billing systems and service bureau products by providing taxation, data customization, address scrubbing, jurisdiction assignment and compliance filing solutions.

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