TMC Touts New Quotrak Feature

TMC Communications has introduced what it calls an innovative new feature to its real-time, Web-based quoting tool, Quotrak.

Beginning this month, TMC agents have the option of including all fees and surcharges into every proposal they generate. This “What We Quote is What We Bill” feature will show the agent and customer exactly what an invoice will look like in order to avoid any misunderstandings when they receive the bill. This new feature uses an API from Billsoft to ensure the city, state, and federal taxes are accurately depicted for the services quoted.

While there are some legitimate charges/fees/taxes such as government mandated taxes and charges that are spelled out in the contract with the customer, there are many charges appearing on customers’ bills from some providers that may not be disclosed during the negotiation process including:

  • Access Recovery Charge
  • Carrier Administration Charge
  • Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge
  • Overcharged or Miscalculated Federal Universal Service Fund Surcharge
  • Overcharged EUCL

TMC’s policy is to not cram the bill with extra fees and surcharges. The company has developed this new option within the proposal to demonstrate this to the agent and customer. What recourse does an agent have if these charges do appear on a client’s invoice? They should call the carrier for an explanation and consider disputing the charges if they are not valid, recovering a legitimate cost by the carrier. Better still, would be to know what charges will appear on their bill before they sign the contract. Agents and customers should ask to see a list of all surcharges prior to entering into any agreement for services.

TMC holds Quotrak trainings each quarter. This hour long Webinar, taught by TMC staff, helps agents to learn how to utilize this invaluable tool to increase their business efficiency and productivity. All agents are encouraged to attend the next training on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009, at 11 a.m. PDT. Go to to register or call TMC Sales Support at 866.999.1133 for more information.

TMC will give a live demonstration of Quotrak and other innovative new tools for the hosted VoIP offering, KOR-IP, at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

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