MERA Systems Launches Retail & Transit Unit

MERA Systems is presenting MERA RTU (MERA Retail and Transit Unit), a brand new softswitch designed to meet the needs of both wholesale and retail operators, at the VON Conference & Expo. Being a bundled product that comprises features of class 4 and class 5 VoIP products, MERA RTU delivers a set of unique benefits for wholesale and retail businesses.

As a class 4 softswitch, the product acts as a single traffic entry point with geographically distributed architecture, multi-protocol support on the core level providing carriers with what the company calls extremely high system capacity and almost unlimited scalability. As a class 5 switching platform, it offers variety of deployment scenarios combined with a broad range of VAS on a single platform, extreme reliability and high fault-tolerance, connection of subscribers both through VoIP and POTS protocols. Single web-interface for effective management and system administration combined with united user database for wholesale and retail clients add value to MERA RTU.

With the comprehensive MERA RTU capabilities, the company says wholesale carriers will be able to add services for retail customers to their business portfolio. Local exchange carriers or mobile carriers can increase the efficiency of the A-Z traffic routing originated from their retail customers. Large corporations will be enabled to build corporate voice network on a single, reliable multi protocol platform and to efficiently manage outgoing long distance calls. Lastly, carriers with both retail and wholesale traffic will save on network infrastructure by utilizing the same switching and control engine for all types of traffic, according to MERU.

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