Comstor Brand Now Worldwide

High-tech distributor Westcon Group Inc. announced Monday that is has extended its Comstor brand globally with the creation of Comstor Worldwide, which focuses exclusively on sales and support of solutions from Cisco Systems Inc.

The move is a follow-up to Westcon’s April agreement with Cisco to become the networking gear maker’s first global distributor. Cisco solutions account for more than 50 percent of Westcon Group’s revenue worldwide and 95 percent in the United States, according to a company spokesperson.

Comstor Worldwide builds on the multiregional brand that Comstor has established over the last decade in the United States and Europe. Westcon Group’s Cisco-related business in Canada and Latin America will transition to the Comstor brand by the end of February 2010; Australia and emerging markets (of which there are 21) will follow in 2011. Non-Cisco products and services will remain under the Westcon Group’s other brands, such as Westcon Convergence (Voda One in the United States) and Westcon Security.

The new Comstor Worldwide organization will have its own profit-and-loss responsibilities and its own dedicated management team. Longtime Comstor executives William Corbin, formerly vice president of global strategic relations, and Jon Pritchard, formerly vice president and general manager of Comstor Europe, will share management responsibilities as executive vice presidents. Corbin will focus on strategic initiatives, and Pritchard will focus on day-to-day operations.

In an advance interview about the news, Corbin told PHONE+ the change will enable Comstor partners for the first time to leverage the resources and expertise developed in other regions. As an example, he cited the successful marketing programs executed by the former Comstor Europe team.

Corbin said the transition will be “daunting” since there are many organizations – developed organically or through acquisition – that will be brought under the Comstor Worldwide umbrella from organizational, financial and branding perspectives. He noted that Cisco will be supporting the brand migration with co-op and market development funds.

Comstor’s global solutions programs include OneNetwork, OneVoice, OneDefense, OneWave and OneS.

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