Analyst: BlackBerry Tour Return Rate 50%

Once referred to as “awesome” and “ridiculously fabulous,” the BlackBerry Tour is seeing its fair share of problems.

Just last week, an analyst ripped the Tour for its faulty trackballs, which TownHall Investment Research said was leading to a whopping 50 percent return rate for Sprint.

Now, Sprint and the Tour’s other carrier, Verizon Wireless, are firing back.

Both companies denied the huge return rate percentage. Sprint’s response, according to Information Week: “We experienced a small percentage of early production BlackBerry Tour smartphones with trackball issues. As soon as the issue was identified, we worked closely with our partners at RIM to resolve the problem quickly.”

Verizon’s statement: “Early on there was an issue with the trackball that affected a small percentage [of] the early production units – far less than industry norms. The issue was detected early, addressed immediately and is no longer an issue. Returns on this device are some of the lowest among any of our smart phones.”

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